WhatRed-Lined Dakar Day 10 Report
WhereShubaytah, Saudi Arabia
WhenWednesday 15 January 2020

Best Dakar day for both Nissan crews

Red-Lined Motoring Adventures’ two Nissan Navaras had their best day yet at Dakar 2020 Saudi Arabia in spite of the Shamal wind wreaking havoc on the road to Shubaytah to see the day's race shortened to just 223 of its intended 540km. TreasuryOne crew Hennie de Klerk and Johann Smalberger picked their way through the day's challenges to come home a fine 22nd and remained 29th overall, while Thomas Bell and Patrick McMurren brought their Sabertooth version home 30th in yet another best ever Dakar day result to keep their 37th place overall.

“Today was by far our best day yet,” Red-Lined team principal Terence Marsh confirmed. “Even though the stage was shortened, it had the most challenging conditions and navigational challenges possible, but the guys powered through to deliver out best result thus far. “The Shamal wind made visibility and spotting dune peaks difficult and that even caught champions out, while even the best got horribly lost, so hats off to the boys! “The short stage means there's less to worry about at tonight’s no service bivouac, but there’s still 750km to race and anything can happen — bring it on!”

“Today we had our third best-ever Dakar stage result in a row,” a delighted Thomas Bell confirmed. “If we carry on like this for another 30 Dakar days in a row, who knows where we will end up, but 30th today was just reward for the whole team and we are absolutely thrilled with it. “Importantly we have no niggles tonight as Patrick and me are on our own in the desert at the no service marathon bivouac tonight, but we still basically have a Botswana Desert Race worth of driving left to the finish on Friday, so we will be listening to every bang and creek all the way to Quddia…” 

“If you told me last night that we'd finish today 22nd with no trouble whatsoever, I’d say you were mad,” Hennie de Klerk pointed out. “The desert gods have been cruel and the whole team and a few friends put in another all nighter to get the TreasuryOne Navara raceworthy today and out of the blue, we had our first clean stage and were rewarded with a fine result! “We also have a solid car with no support here, so no worries about grafting all night again and kudos to all who helped get us here. “With two days to race, those butterflies are growing into vultures — let’s bring it home!"


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