Mohammed Raees Moerat was put in a kart at the tender age of four and took to the track like a fish to water. Challenging boys twice his age during practice, Mohammed’s promise was soon clear — he went on to win his first race at 5 years and 2 months old, clearly telling his folks that they had something special on their hands.

In his first year on track he went on to win many races on his way to finishing fourth in the Northern Regions championship before he’d even turned six, by when he’d also won the 2015 Africa Open Championship.  

In 2016, six-year old Mohammed won Gauteng's Northern Regions Cadet Championship — Motorsport SA confirms that he’s South Africa’s youngest racing champion yet. Little Mo will step up to the Rotax Micro Max class in search of his first South African championship in 2017.

About Mohammed
Motorsport Ambition: To win the championship anywhere we race 
Races:  Cadet Series Northern Region 
Born: 27 January 2010
Age:  7 years 
School: Hartford College - Grade 1
Weight and height: 1.30m 24kg 
Favourite Quote:  I never lose  - I just run out of time (Michael Jordan)
Favourite Driver: Sebastian Vettel & Max Verstappen
Hero outside Racing: My dad 
Favourite Music: Hip hop and RnB

Mohammed Moerat - Racing CV
2015 — Cadet Karting 
2015 — Won first race at 5 years and 2 months 
2015 — African Open Cadet Champion
2015 — 4th in Northern Regions Cadet Championship 
2015 — 3rd in Rand Kart Club Cadet Championship
2016 — Cadet Karting 
2016 — Northern Regions Cadet Champion 2016 
2016 — Rand Kart Club Cadet Champion
2016 — Vereeniging Kart Cadet Club Champion

Contact Person: Tasneem
Contact Email: Tasneem