Summarize is not just a leading virtual racing news portal, but it is also home to the virtual race team. 

Sim racing is nothing new — any race driver worth their salt has a simulator at home to compete virtually and practice whenever possible. The games are so good that sim racing had long became standard practice as karting kids take on established stars, never mind the experts and even pros of the virtual racing world as a fun way to practice while actually competing online.

But the lockdown changed everything. With no real racing, no testing and the world under house arrest, sim racing quite literally exploded into a phenomenon that sees the world’s finest real world drivers taking on established sim stars at top Platinum level. Never mind thousands of Gold and Silver level virtual racers scrambling to climb that sim racing ladder in the hope of taking on Leclerc, Verstappen and the rest.

Sim racing, which is basically racing via your PC or a module, has taken over and then some with new events have teams of sim racers coming together more often than ever, making your go-to virtual racing portal.

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