Johannesburg lad Ghazi Motlekar is determined to drive to the top of the racing pile. The fourth of five children, Ghazi has always loved speed and noisy engines and while his parents had no clue at the time, this combination could only lead down one road… to Kart racing. 

Inspired by Ayrton Senna, Ghazi works flat out on his racing with the unwavering dedication of his coach Wesleigh Orr and the support of his family to one day reach his goal of securing a racing seat at the highest level. Ghazi is a grade 4 scholar at Reddam House Helderfontein, where he enjoys his teacher, principal and the school's full support to ensure that his academic work does not suffer from his busy karting schedule.

Ghazi enjoys playing hockey when can at school, relaxes with the Playstation and loves music — especially in the shower. 

Contact Person: Faizal Motlekar
Contact Email: Faizal Motlekar