Road To Race is a South African tuning house that sells a range of super-Mustangs and Rangers, which benefit a significant level of re-engineering to deliver an exquisite and unique range of bespoke performance Fords.

Comprising a trio of Rangers and a Mustang, the new Road To Race range is topped by a pair of 500kW supercharged V8s – the RTR Mustang and a RTR Ranger 660 like never before. There is also a 325kW V8 RTR Ranger 415 and a 185kW RTR Ranger 250 powered by a tweaked 3.2-litre Ford turbodiesel. All RTR enhancements include various levels of chassis, suspension, drivetrain and brake enhancements; along with aerodynamic and interior trim upgrades.

Designed, developed and built by Justin Price’s, Port Elizabeth-based Hi-tech Automotive, under the watchful eye of Peter Lindenberg, the RTR Ranger range is covered by an extensive RTR 4-year/120 000km warranty, while the RTR Mustang has a 3 year/60 000km RTR Warranty.

New RTR enhanced cars are sold and maintained by a network of Road to Race dealerships around the country, with several centres already covered, while outlets remain available in other areas.

Contact Person: Paige Lindenberg
Contact Number: +27 (0) 63 854 8765
Contact Email: Paige Lindenberg