Name changes on RTR enhanced vehicles

Please note the following important changes to media releases distributed pertaining to Road To Race enhanced vehicles on Thursday 31 August 2017:

At the time of distribution, certain representations were prematurely and incorrectly included, specifically in relation to the V8 Ranger and Mustang. Accordingly Road To Race and Motorsport wish to inform you of the following revisions in respect of the contents of the releases.

Road To Race, the company responsible for the marketing of the conversions to the Rangers and Mustangs featured in the stories, has elected to drop the name Perana in respect of Ranger and Mustang models. Road To Race will not be marketing the conversions in respect of Ranger and Mustang models as ‘Peranas’. 

Road To Race and Motorsport Media apologise for any inconvenience caused by the change.


Issued on behalf of Road To Race

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