Rachelle rocks in Vereeniging

Saturday was another very good day for women in South African motorsport at Vereeniging’s sixth round of the Northern Regions Karting Championships and Rachelle du Plessis was delighted to be a significant part of the growing legend of leading SA racing ladies.

Being the anniversary of a historic world first girls’ 1-2-3 at the same meeting a year ago, what better way to celebrate that than repeat the feat, which is something Rachelle is immensely proud of, especially considering she stood on another all-ladies podium on her debut race in the now-famous NR Senior Max class.

“Yeah, it was my first time ever in a Senior Max race, so I am really happy with that and to be on this latest all-lady podium, Rachelle admitted. “It’s a pity Ivana Cetinich was not here today, because it could very well have been an all-girl 1-2-3-4 this time!”

Rachelle also raced in the DD2 class at Vereeniging, where she ended a fine fourth overall on the day — no mean feat considering that she raced six races in a day — three of them aboard the heavy, powerful and most physically demanding DD2 gearbox machine; but Rachelle pulled it off in fine style. 

“We were testing a few things on the DD2 today,” du Plessis concluded. “So we only came good in the last race, but next time we will be chasing a double-podium!” 


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