Test Centre Approves All Vermont Sales Tools & Accessories

South Africa’s number one tool supplier, Vermont Sales, has delivered Southern Africa power tools and accessories to get the job done for almost 40 years. But did you know that just about every Tool and Accessory from Vermont is tested to destruction in the company’s state of the art Test Centre, long before it ever hits the shelf?
“Our tools and accessories are torture tested to destruction to prove their prowess at our intensive test centre,” Vermont Sales managing director Ryan Hunt explains. “Samples of every tool or accessory Vermont Sales puts on the market, be that a torque wrench or a drilling machine, a hammer or grinding wheel, is extensively tested, and proven long before they ever hit the shelf.”
“The Vermont Sales Test Centre is a state of the art facility boasting the full range of test equipment in the lab. We have a broad variety of machines designed to treat the tools worse than anyone ever should or would in the field, or workshop, dust rooms, drop-testers and much more. We quite literally go out to test to destruction, samples of every tool and accessory. This offers the best value on shelf and in the field, workshop, construction site and home, so each product is worthy of its extensive warranties and backup.”
This arduous test procedure ensures that any Vermont Sales product will not just serve the test of time and the rigours of most extensive use, but that the customer can also completely trust in the longevity of the tool and, or accessory and its guarantee. All Vermont Sales products carry a guarantee on manufacturing defects, some even have lifetime guarantees like hand tools, spanners, wrenches and the like.
“There is more to the Vermont Sales Test Centre,” Chief Test Engineer Ben Botha Explains. “Should a tool owner, operator or worker run into a problem with any tool in the shop or out in the field, we can replicate the issue in tandem in our lab or test room. That allows us to instantly analyse the problem using an identical tool or accessory from our 25,000 stock items and provide urgent feedback to the end user to get their job going again.”
Established in 1985, Vermont Sales offers a huge range of tool solutions from more than 50 leading, tried, tested, and guaranteed  brands. Available through well over 3,000 outlets across Southern Africa, and backed by the Vermont Sales Force, the company also offers comprehensive training across all its brands.  Learn more at

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What:The Vermont Sales Test Centre
Where:Midrand, Gauteng
When:Thursday 8 June 2023
Community:South Africa National

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