South Africa’s number 1 supplier of tools, power tools and accessories has a broad range of equipment to satisfy the needs of any trade. Vermont sells and services a long list of leading tool brands, from Tork Craft to Triton, Rawl Plug, Air Craft, Alpen, Pony, Koelner and many more. Vermont Sales never stops upgrading, developing, and modernising its their ever-expanding portfolio of international brands. Vermont’s range covers literally everything. From the basic tools of every trade to abrasive, grinding, polishing, power tools, merchandising, drilling, cutting, and sawing machinery, to clamps, jigs, blow torches, batteries, arts and crafts, and myriad other products. Tork craft also backs among South Africa’s leading motorsport teams, from the Franchise Co Honda Wing South African Cross Country team to veteran motocrosser Ryan Hunt, and up and coming track star Giordano Lupini in the CompCare Polo Cup.


Contact Person: Ryan Hunt
Contact Number: +27 83 252 9805
Contact Email: Ryan Hunt