Franschhoek's 2022 Car Display is preamble to an inaugural 2023 Franschhoek Silver Elephant Classic Car Festival. The Display will see a selection of exquisite cars exhibited the parking adjacent to the main church in Church Street, between 09:30 am and noon, Saturday morning 19 November 2022. Modern classics and supercars are also welcome. Up to 40 cars will be on display. All shall enjoy secure and supervised parking in secure tarmac bays. The venue is just off the Huguenot Street main road and close to Franschhoek’s famous shops, restaurants, and the vibrant Village Market. The Silver Elephant name is a tribute to the Franschhoek valley, where elephants once roamed. As much as it is a salute the bonnet mascot on Ettore Bugatti’s exquisite Royale. The 2022 display includes the announcement of the 2023 Silver Elephant Festival. 

Contact Person: Graham Warsop
Contact Number: 083 653 7962
Contact Email: Graham Warsop