WhatRed-Lined REVO Announcement
WhereKyalami, Johannesburg, South Africa
WhenFriday 8 October 2021

UAE rally raid business acquires three Red-Lined REVOs

Kyalami, South Africa based Red-Lined Motorsport has secured a significant deal to supply UAE racing team Tom Bell Racing with three of its all-new Red-Lined REVO T1 cross country racers. Long-time Red-Lined team partner and driver, Thomas Bell confirmed the deal after coming to agreement with Red-Lined team principal Terence Marsh following Bell’s successful outing at the Bothaville SA Cross Country races over the weekend.
“We are delighted to confirm that Tom Bell Racing will be acquiring three new Red-Lined REVO’S over the next couple of years for our UAE-based T1 rally raid program,” Thomas confirmed. “I was out in South Africa on a double mission over the past weekend — one to blow away my cobwebs and race, and then secondly to keep a close eye on the all new Red-Lined REVO which was on its debut. “The former activity went very well, the latter even better!
“I am thoroughly impressed with the design and thought process behind the all-new REVO and as such it was an easy decision to opt for the new Red-Lined car for our Middle East racing program. “Also, knowing Terence and the team’s dedication, passion and commitment, and having experienced all of it racing a Red-Lined VK50 and VK56 over previous years and Dakar events, made it an easy decision for us! 

“We have ordered a trio of REVOs, which should keep the production lads busy for a while, and we will confirm our plans with the cars anon. “We can’t wait to introduce these purpose built rally raid racing machines to the Middle East region!”
“We are honoured and proud to confirm our first, major REVO deal with a loyal international customer,” Terence Marsh admitted. “Tom has first hand experience of all the different T1 machinery available worldwide and his overall opinion is therefore experienced and educated. “So to crack this nod so soon in our REVO program is an honour indeed. “We were more than happy with REVO’s performance during its development phase last week and this deal more than just rubber stamps that!
“Yes, we have our work cut out for the remainder of 2021 with the balance of the South African Cross Country season remaining, as well as a growing list of international customers, and then some thrilling developments to look forward to early next year. “But what's life without a few challenges and some ADVENTURE — bring it on!”
Custom designed, created and purpose built to compete in the FIA World Cup Cross Country Series and the Dakar, the all-new Coyote V8 powered four-wheel drive  FIA T1.1 class Red-Lined REVO is a no compromise rally raid racer. Find out more at


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