WhatCar Bakkie Race! On Shelf Now
WhereSouth Africa countrywide
WhenWeek 21 May 2018
CommunitySouth Africa National.

Rebranded title rekindles the passion

It's a case of back to the future as the rebranded Car Bakkie Race! magazine hits South African bookshelves this week. The new look of the existing Bakkie & Car magazine harks back to its publisher's hugely popular Cars in Action as the house celebrates twenty-one years in publishing since the arrival of that title back in May 1997.

“What started and ran as Cars in Action twenty-one years ago and was followed by Bakkie magazine a few months later, evolved over the years to become Bakkie & Car over the past year or two,” publisher Michele Lupini explains. “But people who knew and loved Cars in Action continually tell us how they so miss that magazine, so considering this ‘coming of age’, we decided what the hell – why not move closer to what we did every issue back in the day?

“Our new Car Bakkie Race! logo has a quite significant historical connotation too, but our shift back to the future goes a bit further than just a logo remake and we trust our faithful old Cars in Action readers will also notice a shift back to our red-blooded performance roots, without turning our back on our dedicated bakkie audience either. “There is simply no more room for two niche titles like that in this marketplace any longer — it’s enough of a challenge with just one!”

Car Bakkie Race! is a 21st century magazine with its roots squarely in the last millennium – short, sweet and to the point; its content remains local and logical, while this first issue’s cover not only perfectly captures the biggest developments in the local car world right now, but it also most effectively harks back to its roots. “We trust our readers will truly appreciate this much-desired shift,” Lupini concluded. “Welcome back to the future!”

A limited edition title, Car Bakkie Race! hits Southern African bookshelves this week and is also available as a digital download at, while the website can be found at


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