WhatCar Bakkie Race! Announcement
WhenWednesday 18 April 2018
CommunitySouth Africa National

Popular title Shifts Back to the Future

Change, they say, is as good as a holiday. In that vein, Bakkie and Car magazine will change name to Car Bakkie Race! in an effort to better represent the title’s 21-year heritage from its forthcoming May/June 2018 issue. The magazine that today represents what Cars in Action and Bakkie magazines once stood for in their own right over many years, continues to defy the odds against printed media as a single title that will now also better salute its colourful history.

“Car Bakkie Race! is simply a re-brand to shift the magazine closer to its roots,” publisher Michele Lupini pointed out. “Ten years ago it was possible to run two or three titles and employ a full staff complement in state of the art offices, but things have changed very quickly and the only way to survive these days is to publish smarter. “One way to do that was to amalgamate to a single title, which we did when we narrowed it down to a single title in Bakkie & Car two years ago.

“One never stops learning and since then, we felt that our most recent format was challenged in some ways, not least of all in how we embraced our quite significant history. “Moving to Car Bakkie Race! now better fits both the magazine’s fundamentals and its pedigree — one look at the new logo will bring a smile to many a local car lover’s face and the title will once again deliver on the very promise that raised that same smile in the first place.”

Everything else continues as is — the website is already updated to, as are its social media outlets, while the title’s competitive ad rates, continue unchanged too. MC Media also has some interesting new concepts on both marketing and circulation.

“Car Bakkie Race! is more a step back to the future than just another change,” Lupini concluded. “We are confident this shift will not only go down well with our existing readers, but it will also prove a welcome breath of fresh air for all those old Cars in Action readers, whom we know have pined for what we once offered over the past few years.” 


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