The Mopar South African Endurance Series, which runs over six races around South Africa every year not only offers prospective competitors the opportunity to race in a top championship and a fraction of the cost of similar international series, but it also presents the chance to tie the races in to an African safari to take in the best holidays and the finest weather pretty much all year round.

Much of the Mopar African Endurance Series allure comes courtesy of the South African rand trading at under £0.50, a dollar buying you around R14.50 and the Euro netting you around fifteen of the local currency. All of which means that not only can you buy a 500 gram T-bone steak for just $9.50, a gin and tonic for £2 and a substantial African villa or farm for €250 000, but you can also buy yourself a drive in a quick racing saloon car for just $1000, a seat in a GT car for €3500 or share a sports prototype for this side of £4500…

Or you can fly or ship your car in and house it, prepare it and race it through the season for a fraction of what it would cost to do so in Europe or anywhere else in the northern hemisphere. And you will still have enough left to enjoy the many wonders Southern Africa has to offer…

“The Mopar African Endurance series is a wonderful opportunity, not only for local drivers, but perhaps even more so for European, American and other racers looking for a damn good championship and a hell of a lot more,” series boss Roger Pearce pointed out. “We race in a colonial atmosphere with full grids of prototypes, GTs and saloon cars and Competing teams offer competitive drives at prices you will find impossible to believe.

“The Mopar African Endurance Series is ready and waiting for overseas drivers and teams who can compete in a high profile championship in their own machines or through rented drives at various levels,” Pearce added. “And then there is the allure of an African safari around any of the races…

“Among the finest African bush resorts lie just a few hours drive from three of our races each year, our next round is in beautiful Cape Town and two others respectively run at the beginning of the Garden Route and the Wild Coast - what better way to go racing than to tie every round into another incredible holiday for less than it costs to just compete in Europe?”

“We would love to host more international teams and drivers in the Mopar African Endurance Series and invite anyone from anywhere in the world to come race with us,” Pearce concluded. “South Africa has an impeccable endurance racing history and this is a wonderful opportunity to help write the next chapter.”

Prospective Mopar African Endurance entrants can contact for more information on the series and opportunities to compete.

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