South Africa has a superb and rich history of saloon car racing that stretches back more than sixty years and spans some pretty incredible eras, from the very first time that tin-tops were raced in the ’58 Grand Central 9-hour through the days of Group 2, Onyx Saloons alongside Group 5 and Modified saloons and the incredible Manufactuer’s Challenge. 

Then it was Group 1 and Group A and who will ever forget Group N, the V8s, Production Cars and on to today in GTC, Polo Cup and a heady collection of wonderful regional race championships.

This series was originally penned by Mario Lupini and ran in both Cars in Action and Classic Car Africa magazines  over the years. Mario actually raced an Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce in that historic 9-hour and his saga covers the history of saloon ace racing in South Africa. Once re-published online, the saga will be published as a book and sold in limited quantities. 

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