Ever wanted one drill bit to do it all? Meet Alpen’s answer!

Drilling multiple surfaces can be, well, a bore. With different bits required for different materials, it can become laborious to keep on changing bits to suit the material being bored. But wait, there is a solution. Meet Alpen’s Profi Multicut, the one drill bit that can do it all!

The all-rounder, Alpen Profi Multicut is an extremely versatile multipurpose tungsten carbide special drill bit designed to precisely rotary bore a wide variety of surfaces. Alpen’s red Profi Multicut bits will drill through almost anything from metal, wood, and plastics, to tiles and natural stone. Individually, or even all at once, if different surfaces must be drilled together.

Available in a broad variety of sizes, shanks, and lengths, Alpen Profi Multicut bits come as individual pieces, or in Profi Multicut specific, or multi-bit kits. Featuring a diamond ground carbide tip with extra sharp cutting edges very well suited to metal cutting, Profi Multicut’s patented 4-step profile also allows fast dust removal when drilling into masonry or concrete.
Extremely versatile and precise, Alpen Profi Multicut bits come in lengths up to 400 mm, cylindrical, ¼” hexagonal and SDS Plus shanks. Manufactured in Austria, all Alpen drill bits are recognised for their quality and performance, flexibility, and precision.

Alpen is a Vermont Sales brand. Established in 1985, Vermont Sales offers a huge range of tool solutions from more than 50 leading, tried, tested, and guaranteed  brands. Available through well over 3,000 outlets across Southern Africa, and backed by the Vermont Sales Force, the company also offers comprehensive training across all its brands.  Learn more at


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What:Alpen Profi Multicut Drill Bits
Where:Midrand, Gauteng
When:Wednesday 22 November 2023
Community:South Africa National

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