WhatBen Morgenrood Group Historic Racing SA Round 3 Report
WhereDezzi Raceway, KZN South Coast
WhenSaturday 09 April 2022
CommunityGauteng & KZN Regional

It’s Wet, Wet, Wet as Historic Racers Visit the South Coast

They warn you that  you should choose you holidays wisely, as it may rain on those days. Which is exactly what became of the Ben Morgenrood Group Historic Series on its annual sojourn to Dezzi Raceway on the KZN South Coast. Conditions were more appropriate for powerboat racing, as it rained and rained and rained, all weekend long!

It was raining cats and dogs as Class C men Stefan Puschavez's Porsche 911 RSR and Jannie van Rooyen’s Pro Auto Rubber Volkswagen Scirocco topped qualifying for the Ben Morgenrood Group Historic Sprint Series races. They led Class D leader Gavin Lundin's Datsun 1200 GX, Class E duo Daniel Lotter’s Ford Escort and Sean Hepburn’s AA Datsun 1200 Deluxe and Andre Dannhauser’s quick Class F Pro Auto Toyota and Tony Lundin’s Class E Datsun 1200 GX. 

Some revelled in the slick conditions, as Stewart McLarty’s Ford XR3 led Class G rival Harm Beens Ford Escort. Others however struggled in the wet conditions, with misting windscreens and traction. They included Stuart Konig and Andre Ten Napel’s Class C and D Sciroccos, John Simpson and Jan Jacobs’ Class G Alfa Romeo GT Juniors, with Steve Pickering’s Porsche 916 next up from Fred Konig’s Porsche 911 RSR and John Goodenough.

Jannie Van Rooyen made short work of the first race to lead from flag to flag from Class D winner Gavin Lundin. Andre Dannhauser thrived in the wet — he dropped back early but fought all the way back to third and an impressive Class E win. Ahead of Stuart Konig and Andre Ten Napel’s Sciroccos, Sean Hepburn, Harm Beens, Steve Pickering, John Simpson and Hendrik Van Zyl. 

Van Rooyen went on to make it a double win in race 2, as Gavin Lundin took his chance to fight back from the back after an early off. He got ahead of Dannhauser, Beens, Konig, Ten Napel and Hepburn, with Pickering next home from van Zyl and Simpson. So Jannie van Rooyen took the day and Class C from Class D and E winners, Gavin Lundin and Andre Dannhauser. Harm Beens took Class G in fourth, with Andre Ten Napel in next from Sean Hepburn, Steve Pickering, Hendrik van Zyl and John Simpson.

Werner Hartzenberg was back in his Fines class Porsche 916 as he slithered to Ben Morgenrood Historic Pursuit Series victory on handicap, from Modified class winner Harm Beens Sr's Ford Escort. Johan Smith’s Fines Nissan Skyline 2800 GT was next from Althea Pretorius’ Modified Nissan Exa and Youngtimer top dog Mike O’Sullivan's Honda Ballade, Rob van Aarle's Escort, Wynand du Plessis Sr's Porsche 944 and Tiaan Smith in a Nissan Sentra 2.0Sti.

Johan Smith beat du Plessis, Hartzenberg, O'Sullivan and Pretorius to race 2 honours, with Tiaan Smith and van Aarle next up after Beens broke out of his handicap bracket in race 2. Which meant that Johan Smith took the day from Werner Hartzenberg in a Fines class 1-2. Youngtimer winner Mike O'Sullivan was third overall from Modified class winner Althea Pretorius, Fines man Wynand du Plessis Sr, and Modified runner-up Harm Beens.


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