WhatLetshego Zulu Announcement
WhereKyalami, Midrand
WhenThursday 22 August 2019
CommunitySouth Africa National

Letshego Zulu joins Red-Lined

It seems that the Red-Lined Motoring Adventures bug has bitten Letshego Zulu hard!

Zulu, whom race fans will know as the late Gugu’s wife, is also not just a biokineticist, adventurer, businesswoman and television personality as a contestant in both Fear Factor and Survivor South Africa, but she has now twice navigated for Terence Marsh in a Red-Lined Nissan Navara in SA Cross Country races. Letshego clearly enjoyed that enough to now make a career of it.

“Red-Lined Motoring Adventures is delighted to announce that Letshego Zulu is joining the team on a full-time basis,” CEO Terence Marsh confirmed. “Letshego will take up a triple role in the Red-Lined adventure organisation as managing director of our media and marketing business, while also acting as our official brand ambassador and taking the hot seat as my official race navigator.

“Red-Lined will also lean on Letshego’s fitness and nutrition expertise, which we plan to put to full use in getting some of our larger than life clients up to full race specification, as part of a broader customer care portfolio we will be rolling out over the coming months.” 

Letshego will head up team media and marketing and manage day to day responsibilities, while also working to unlock further value within the business. “I realised while I rode as navigator for Terence, just how in tune my passion for adventure and business is with the Red-Lined ethos,” Letshego explained.  “It did not take long at all for us to explore further opportunities together.

“This is a most exciting development — I can’t wait to apply my determination and skills to take the Red-Lined brand to new levels.” 


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