Tough day's racing awaits in mountains

DAKAR 2017 STAGE 6 LIVE - Monday 9 January: Uyuni-Salta
Bikes start 13h00 SA time; cars 14h58
Today's stage: 892km, Special: 1492km. Altitude 3000-4400m
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22h30 - cars - Loeb takes the car win to take the car win over from Peterhansel, who was second today from  Despres, Hirvonen and de Villiers - watch for full story shortly on the main page!

22h00 - cars - Meanwhile in the crs there seems to be precious little anyone or anything can do about the Peugeots flying in full altitude trim while it lasts. Loeb continues to lead overall from Peterhansel at WP 12 with Despres back to third and the rest well behind let by Hirvonen, de Villiers and Roma at 10, 12 and 15 minutes off the pace respectively...

21h50 - bikes - Joan Barreda has won another Dakar stage for Honda, taking over three minutes out of KTM teins Matthias Walkner and Sam Sunderland with the Hondas of Metge and Goncalves sandwiching Sherco rider Pedrero Garcia. The overall standings remain unchanged with Sunderland leading Pablo Quintanilla's Husqvarna despite a tardy day fro the Chilean and the third-placed Frenchman Adrien van Beveren...

19h40 - bikes - the 2 wheelers are back on the move - Barreda in control at WP8 from Metge with Sunderland keeping a watching brief in third...

19h30 - general - We apologise for problems preventing this page from showing on certain networks - there is a problem between Telkom and Afrihost that is preventing broadcast over Afrihost, Snowball and similar digital WiFi transmitters. We are promised the issue will be resolved shortly. We appear to be fine on terrestrial mobile network WiFi... 

16h50 general - the stage is now neutralised as competitors bypass the sections cut due to rising rivers en routhe tot he Argentine border. Once through, racing will resume. Barreda leads the bikes so far today with a dominant run ahead of Pedrero, Metge, Walkner, Renet and Svitko after it appears that yesterday's winner Brabec, Goncalves and de Soultrait were among several riders to got lost this morning. On for wheels Loeb led Despres at the neutralisation with Peterhansel third from Hirvonen, Terranova and de Villiers, Al Qassimi, Al Rajhi and Rautenbach having another positive run in ninth ahead of Roma, wo seems to has struggled with navigation today....

16h40 - cars - de Villiers is ensconced in a one-on-one duel with Terrarnova's Mini - split by a second at WP3, the Mini leads the Toyota today, but de Villiers is ahead by 4 minutes in 6th overall. and both of them are within 30 minutes of Hirvonen in fifth. Overall Loeb leads Despres by 3 minutes with Peterhansel 0:50 further back, then it Hirvonen, Terranova and de Villiers, with Roma suffering so far today in tenth behind Al Qassimi, Al Rajhi and Rautenbach having another positive run in ninth....

15h30 - cars - it seems the Peugeots are hell-bent on eking out every last metre of their altitude advantage while it lasts today as Sebastien Loeb takes control up front to lead Despres and Peterhansel at WP3. Mikko Hirvonen is third,  5 minutes off the flying Frenchmen with Al Qassimi fifth from Giniel de Villiers, who  is making a gallant effort albeit losing two minutes per waypoint, 2 minutes quicker overall than teammate Roma.

15h10 - cars - Peterhansel led Loeb by 0:56 at WP1 with Despres third from Hirvonen, Roma Al Qassimi and de Viiliers. Loeb had closed the gap to 48 seconds by WP2... 

14h20 - bikes - The first bikes have arrived at WP4, Barreda Bort has a commanding lead of 2m20s over Metge with Walkner trailing in 3rd.

14h05 - general - with both the bikes and cars running earlier then expected, the day's stage has once agin been shortened due to adverse conditions. Good news is that today's waypoints are active to allow us to follow the stage. The change was forced by rising water levels in led to the neutralisation of the day's special at CP1 after 174 km. The competitors then head to the border via a 176-km link section, all of which has seen to the length of the special being reduced by 73 km. 

09h35 - cars - Giniel de Villiers was delighted with his first really competitive stage at the Dakar on Monday. “We had a great run today, and the Toyota Hilux performed surprisingly well at the high altitudes between La Paz and Uyuni,” the South African Dakar legend confirmed after jumping up from eighth to sixth on the day. “We lose between thirty and forty percent engine power thanks to the 3600m-plus altitude we raced today, so we are very happy to be so close to the times set by the turbocharged cars ahead of us.” Team boss Glyn Hall was also upbeat after the day: “We were very happy with the performance of the Toyota crews today - the marathon stage is always a worry and it is difficult for us to be so far away from the race vehicles, but Giniel and Nani both drove well, and neither reported any problems.”

09h25 - cars - Peugeot's enfants terrible Stephane Peterhansel and Sebastin Loeb were satisfied with their Dakar performance on Monday “It was small stage, but it was very interesting," Peterhansel reported. "There was a lot of navigation and it wasn't easy.even it there were two cars in front of me and some tracks to follow. " The overall classification is still very close, but it's a really interesting race for everybody, I think and we're still in the fight and that's the most important thing.” Teammate Loeb explained: "We had to be a bit careful, but it was OK and there is no problem with the car - there's still a long way to go.”

09h10 - cars - Toyota's Dakar 2017 top gun Nani Roma was happy to stay in touch with the Peugeots on Monday as he moved up to third overall. "We are happy, we are happy," the spaniard confirmed. "It was not an easy stage - a lot of navigation in the beginning, we made the lines - Seb opened the route, but sometimes we took a different way and when Stephane passed me, it was really tough to follow, but the Peugeot was built for this track. "At this  high altitude, we expected to have more performance on the engine side but I realised two days ago we really lose a lot higher up with the petrol car. "But anyway, we wait until Salta and the lower altitude where out Toyota will come into its own, so we're okay for the moment, but the navigation is difficult - you can lose at each kilometre - for sure, some things can happen in the next days."

09h05 - cars - Peugeot's Cyril Despres remains positive despite slipping to fourth overall after a difficult day on Monday. “We were in the off-piste, where apparently the track was better on the right – we were on the left, in the big camel grass and It was several kilometres straight without any reference, so  we lost a few minutes there and the rest, Seb and Stephane were really fast today. "I'm still motivated - we keep going, keep pushing.”

09h00 - bikes - Californian Ricky Brabec was delighted with his Dakar Stage 6 win on Friday: “The stage win feels good, I've never had a stage win in a rally, so I guess that's a big accomplishment for me. “The stage wasn't that hard, there was a lot of navigation and a lot of it was off-track, which was better for me,” the Honda rider admitted. “I like the bumps and the rougher  the better for me - obviously, I come from California, it's pretty rough out there. "It was all mud and water holes. It was pretty tough to navigate while trying not to slide out and that's kind of why I'm freezing my butt off right now. "My ultimate goal was to get onto the podium but with the penalty that's hard to do, so I'm hoping for a top 10 finish.”

Good morning from Imperial Toyota’s Motorsport Media Dakar Live feed. Today’s stage - the second half of the no-service Marathon stage from Uyuni in Bolivia to Salta in Argentina is a Dakar classic and the last of this year’s high altitude tests as competitors tackle a variety of tests between 3000 and 4400m above sea level in an 892km trip that includes 492km of racing split in half by a neutralised border crossing at mid distance.

Today’s stage starts with undulating terrain that crosses crossing of fords and offers some thrilling roads split up by sections of dunes along a virgin route that is said to offer incredible scenery as competitors tackle vivid dunes and torrid canyons along the way.

Racing starts at 13h00 SA time for the two-wheelers, with the cars setting off just before three today - be sure to keep up with the action right here throughout this afternoon an into the evening.

Dakar 2017 Results - Cars - Stage 6
1. Stephane Peterhansel (Peugeot)
2. Sebastien Loeb (Peugeot) 
3. Giniel de Villiers (Toyota)
4. Mikko Hirvonen (Mini)
5. Nani Roma (Toyota) 
6. Sheikh Al Qassimi (Peugeot)
7. Cyril Despres (Peugeot)
8. Yazeed Al Rajhi (Toyota) 
9. Gerard Garafulic (Mini)
10. Orlando Terranova (Mini) 
11. Conrad Rautenbach (Toyota) 

Cars - Overall
1. Stephane Peterhansel (Peugeot) 15:57:06
2. Sebastien Loeb (Peugeot) +1:57
3. Nani Roma (Toyota) +11:07   
4. Cyril Despres (Peugeot) +14:01
5. Mikko Hirvonen (Mini) +47:24
6. Giniel de Villiers (Toyota) +1:11:44
7. Orlando Terranova (Mini) +1:16:06
8. Jakub Przygonski (Mini) +1:18:02
9. Boris Garafulic (Mini) +2:08:20
10.Romain Dumas (Peugeot) +2:48:20
14. Conrad Rautenbach (Toyota) +3:35:28

Bikes - Stage
1. Ricky Brabec (Honda)
2. Paulo Goncalves (Honda) 
3. Sam Sunderland (KTM) 
25. Vince Crosbie (KTM)
105.  Joey Evans(KTM) 
Quads: 1. Sergry Kariyakin (Yamaha)

Bikes - Overall
1. Sam Sunderland (KTM) 17:28:53
2. Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna) +17:45
3. Adrien van Beveren (Yamaha) +22:16
42. Vince Crosbie (KTM) +4:01:45
102. Joey Evans (KTM) +13:23:20
Quads: 1.  Sergry Kariyakin (Yamaha) 22:13:27

Trucks - Stage
1. Dimitri Sotnikov (Kamaz) 1:41:35
DNF. Behringer/Berriman (MAN)

Trucks - Overall
1. Gerard de Rooy (Iveco) 15:52:07

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