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WhereacciDent Guru, Cape Town
WhenMonday 16 April 2017
CommunityCape Town, Western Cape

acciDent Guru vows to save cars

Paarden Island, Cape Town panel shop, acciDent Guru is on a mission to save cars from being unnecessarily written off by insurance companies and assessors, only for the ‘wreck’ to be sold off to rebuilders who make good money while car owners are left exposed.

“We have noticed an increasing number of clearly repairable acciDent damaged cars being written off,” acciDent Guru CEO Paul van Wyk pointed out. “Initially this seemed odd, as in many cases the vehicles had minimal damage, but it has become clear that writing repairable vehicles off has become a most lucrative business…

“There is an industry that prays off rebuilding written-off cars in search of profit – it has developed into a value chain in which every link profits, while the acciDent-damaged car’s owner – who is also the insurance company’s client – is left out of pocket.

“Team acciDent Guru has taken a stand against cars being unnecessarily written off and we have moved to protect our clients through our CarSave program, which sees to it that repairable cars are repaired, rather than being written off and scavenged by a third party to then repair and sell off at their profit.”

Van Wyk explains that this process ultimately leaves the car owner, who has diligently paid premiums for years, out of pocket.

“More and more cars that should be easily and economically repaired are written off without proper assessment of the real damage,” van Wyk explains “After a lengthy administration process, the Insurers inform the hapless customers how much they will be paid out after the significant costs of the towing company, storage yard and other steps in the process are deducted from the insured amount, leaving the compromised owner to either pay in or buy down to replace their needlessly written off car.” 

The insurer also ultimately sells the ‘wreck’ on auction to bids often astoundingly significantly higher than a similar, undamaged car’s market value. The auction buyer then miraculously repairs the car to mint condition and sells it off at a profit.

 “It’s a win-win situation, right?” van Wyk asks. “Well mostly – except for the unfortunate car owner, who is left to find a replacement and often ends up paying in the difference or buying down.

“That’s where acciDent Guru’s CarSave program comes in. “We advise owners of acciDent damaged cars that seem repairable to rather accept the ‘repair settlement amount’ that the insurer will pay, should you elect to manage the repairs yourself and this is how acciDent Guru can save your car.

“CarSave’s fine-tuned damage assessment and parts souring procedures ensure maximum possible savings on any acciDent repair job’s biggest cost – the parts. “We concentrate on sourcing better value high quality alternative components; repairing, rather than replacing and more efficient spray-painting, with an overall focus on cost and quality. 

“That allows owners to not just save their cars from unnecessarily being written off, but in some cases, it also allows the owner to repair their acciDent damaged vehicles for significantly less than the insurer’s ‘repair settlement amount’. “We have noticed that customers use these savings on anything from further enhancing their cars to surprising their loved ones with cool presents over the Festive period – something team acciDent Guru is most proud of.

“Two examples of recent acciDent Guru CarSaves was a Nissan that struck a kudu and was written off by the insurer. “The owner brought his car to acciDent Guru and we not only saved the car, but we paid the customer back the unused portion of his ‘repair settlement amount’.  “The same happened with a fire damaged Amarok bakkie that carSave rescued from being written off – both perfect cases of cars saved and how acciDent Guru can also save your car from unnecessarily being written off.

 “So, if you are unfortunate enough to be in an acciDent in the Cape, remember that it is your right to decide where your car should be towed,” Paul van Wyk concluded. “Do not get bullied into making hasty decisions and make sure to call acciDent Guru first and even if your car has already been towed elsewhere, contact us for a second opinion through our mobile assessment service.

“Team acciDent Guru is here to assist you through the entire process of dealing with an acciDent – from towing your car to our workshop for an accurate damage assessment, to registering your claim and making sure the repair is done to the highest quality and value. 

“Take note of our emergency numbers and feel free to call us for any acciDent advice and support – acciDent Guru and CarSave is here for you.” 

#WeSaveCars - contact acciDent Guru at 061 431 7371 or 021 510 1000, or email 

Alternatively contact any of acciDent Guru’s towing suppliers to have your saveable car towed to acciDent Guru: Garden’s Towing at 021 510 0380; Storms Towing at 072 221 9966 or Urban Towing: 072 604 5060.


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